Background Introduction

This blog is established by KAPELIWA (Kaisido - Parlemento - Lialailesu - Osowa).

This community organisation is set up by intellectuals from the four aldieas in Suco Tirilolo Baucau District.  On the 19th of April 2014 during a public meeting with the community members of the four aldieas of Kaisido - Parlemento - Lialailesu - Osowa in Suco Tirilolo where the Uaima'a people live.

The Uaima'a are a minority ethno-lingusitic community based primarily in Baucau located north of the airport in Baucau.

This group is established as an NGO to represent the people of the four aldieas so as to protect and preserve the communities rights to their culture, development and traditional land rights.

On the 19th April the group's founders presented a power point presentation to the community and its leaders on the issue of potential positive and negative impact of the proposed cement factory in and on Uaima'a land known as Kaisido.

At the end of meeting the community elected the group's representative from 4 packets.  1 paket consisting of

1 General Koordinator - Filomeno Belo
2 Deputy General Koordinator
1 Sekretary General
1 Deputy Sekretary General
1 Treasurer
1 Deputy Treasurer

The KAPELIWA aldieas has 38 knua (hamlets) each with their own Uma Lulik.

KAPELIWA can be contacted via kapeliwa AT gmail DOT com.

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