Sunday, 20 April 2014

Governu Autoriza Kompanya Hari'i Fabrika - Populasaun La Informadu.

Governu Timor-Leste fo autorizasaun ba kompanya BGC Australia atu hari'i fabrika cementi iha Suco Trilolo Baucau liliu iha aldeia Kaisido, Parlemento, Lialailesu ho Osawa. Laos deit fo autorizasaun atu hari'i fabrika maibe mos Governu entrega ba kompanya BGC Australia riku soe "limestone" hodi produs cementi.

To'o agora komunidade la hetan informasaun ruma kona ba akordu entre Governu Timor-Leste no BGC Australia. Eronia reprezantante povu iha Parlamentu Nacional mos kestiona hela; hanesan deputado Manuel Castro foti kestaun refere iha Parlamentu iha semana kotuk. Deputadu hatetan katak kompanya no Governu seidauk halo estudu viabilidade kona ba impaktu nagativu no positivu projetu ne'e.

Governu central liu husi Ministerio relevante dehan katak fabrika seidauk bele hari'i.

Maibe hare husi nota de imprenza nebe fo sai Dec 12 2013 husi kompanya POSCO Korea katak sira manan kontratu bo'ot husi kompanya BGC Australia atu hari'i fabrika iha areia KAPELIWA.

- The largest private investment project in East Timor, the newly independent state
- Infrastructure and oil projects expected to be won thanks to the successful entry into the cement market

POSCO E&C (Vice Chairman & CEO, Chung Dong-Hwa) announced on the 3rd of December that it won a cement plant project worth 350 million dollars, equivalent to approximately 370 billion won, from East Timor’s TL Cement (Timor-Leste Cement is a special purpose corporation wholly owned by BGC, the largest construction company in Western Australia).

The new project is to construct a cement plant with the annual capacity of 1.5 million tons in Baucau in northeastern East Timor. Construction is expected to take a total 34 months from the signing of the contract. 

With regard to this, there was an LOA (Letter of Award) delivery ceremony in Perth, Western Australia, which was attended by the project owner TL Cemebt, BGC, POSCO E&C and others. 

East Timor, which became a nation in its own right when it declared its independence from Indonesia in 2002, is a small country with a total population of only 1.1 million people. The East Timor government has sought in recent years to expand its infrastructure establishment project in accordance with Timor-Leste’s Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030.  

As the largest private investment project of any large-scale industrial plant project being pushed ahead by the East Timor government, this project is the subject of great expectations from the government.

What played a crucial role in winning this project was, in addition to the active support of the East Timor government, the trust POSCO E&C had established while working together with BGC on various projects in Australia over the past 2 years.

POSCO E&C is planning to implement this project on an EPC basis (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), covering everything from planning to engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

POSCO E&C expects that it will be able to leverage an advantageous position in the market from its success in this project to win future infrastructure and oil development projects from the East Timor government, including for road, harbor, airport and desalination facility projects.

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